Finding Musicians

2016-01-21 03:48:32 by Taijj

So it is time to put more work into TBT!

A new episode will come and some old ones get a makeover. So I'm searching for musicians ans SFX Artist who want to make this happen with me! :)

(It's a hobby project so no payments! Sorry guys and gals!)

Voice Acting for the latest TBT episode

2013-03-28 03:58:30 by Taijj

Heya everyone,

I got a few messages from talents, who want to spend their voices to
the latest TBT episode.

For these I'd like to say thank you, for even considering to work with me. The easter weekend is coming up and I'd like to wait until next week before I decide on who is going to do the voices. Please stay patient!

Until then you may want to catch up on the series a bit. I recommend to check out the older episodes on my deviantart gallery.

Thank you!

New stuff up

2013-03-26 09:27:23 by Taijj

So, I managed to pull another one. If you happen to be a voice actor please check out my latest submission!

Just getting started

2009-12-07 10:34:38 by Taijj

Well i finally jacked in on newgrounds. Don't expect much from my side aside from silly reviews on your submissions :P. I am just getting started with all that flash stuff and yet i am out of time.

I will make some sprite movies the time i have left. That's all i can say for now...^^

At the moment i am very bussy in school and at home. Especially my RPG-maker project consumes a lot of time. Besides that the sprites for my movies are still in production. Needs a lot of time. Spriteing is hard :/....

Whatever!! Enyou the things i submitted, yet and feel free to put some ctitics on them ^^

That Sprite you see is just a sample how the sprites will look like in my movies^^

If you want you can visit my Deviantart gallery to see more ^^
Taijj's Deviantart

Have a nice day :)

Just getting started