Entry #4

Finding Musicians

2016-01-21 03:48:32 by Taijj

So it is time to put more work into TBT!

A new episode will come and some old ones get a makeover. So I'm searching for musicians ans SFX Artist who want to make this happen with me! :)

(It's a hobby project so no payments! Sorry guys and gals!)


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2016-01-21 04:55:37

What sort of music are you looking for?

Taijj responds:

In short 8-bit, chiptune metal. Like Machinae Supremacy :)


2016-01-21 04:57:25

If you like some of my tracks you can use them for your project (º- º ) b

Taijj responds:

Hey thanks! If I find anything I'll report back to you!
But I can't pay you, if that's still okay!


2016-01-22 02:10:34

NP. man, credit is enough for me.
I'm aware a lot of NG fellows make their stuff just they love to, same as I do.